Sweater Weather

“I fell in love at the beach. The sun kissed my face, the water rushed past my skin and the warm breeze blew my mind. The sand pulled me in and I have never been the same.”  Moso

He pulled his sweater over his bare chest, the small shreds of wool mussing his neatly moussed hair. He’d never been out for a girl before. He loved the ladies, yes, but he enjoyed them on his own terms. This one though, had him breaking all the rules for her.

He stood on the beach, the wind whipping carelessly around him, staring at the sea; his expression- stone cold as the soft, grainy sand seeped into his shoes. She approached him, playfully, her feet unclad, her voluptuous body barely clothed by a flimsy blouse and short shorts. He unclenched his teeth and his lips formed a smile for her. His mind was torn between his need for control and his lust for this girl. He stood for a minute, drinking her presence in the beauty of the moonlit beach. She fit so perfectly with the surroundings. Hell, she’d fit so perfectly with him.

A single touch was all it took. He reached out and splayed his fingers along her neck, feeling her skin go warm under his fingers as pores of yearning broke out along his arms. Almost immediately her lips found his as she pulled him into her embrace.  Their clothes were abandoned in the sand as they passionately explored each other’s bodies. His mind was drunk on the sweat of their love, invading her, hoping to blow her mind. And he did, leaving her hushed, the silence of their thoughts speaking to them.

He watched her, rapt, pressing his fingers against her lips, her mouth hungrily devouring the taste of their love. They lay limp, tangled together in the still of the night and he reached out for his pullover, guarding her nakedness, shielding her from the rain pouring down on them. Wrapped in their warmth, hands entwined, through the holes of his sweater.

“A drop in the ocean. A change in the weather. I was praying that you and me might end up together.”  Ron Pope


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