“That perfect bliss and sole felicity, the sweet fruition of an earthly crown.”  Christopher Marlowe

Built on hope and heaven’s wondrous clouds, a thing of prettiness, a thing of magic. Bliss! It prevails in the heart of paradise, buried in the abyss of spiritual pleasures. The inhalation of absolute delight, whilst existing in a state of euphoric ecstasy. Bliss is but a dream. A dream of enchantment and hypnotic hope. A pull towards a finer life, a finer universe. ‘Midst the waking of eager beings with a vision for a divine time, forgotten in their own reverie.

Bliss is a vibe of elation. A myriad of glorious sensations, unified into a harmony. A state of perfected happiness. Bliss is fascinating, magnetic as ever, drawing humanity towards its ease. To be blessed with the force, to be a liberated soul, obtaining nirvana, sensing the sensuality of a human soul. So, what is a god in the presence of a blissful being?

Take me to the Garden of Eden, a place as old as time itself. Let me immerse myself in its mythical bliss or consume the golden fruit of escape. The escape of life entirely- death. But where would bliss exist in a state of demise? Perhaps it resides in the soul of the ancient spirits or envelops the wilting air with its glowing essence of joy. Then, what be Hell if death is all bliss? Heaven. ♥︎

“Now a soft kiss- Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.”  John Keats


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  1. gadgetin says:

    This is a beautiful picture with very good lighting.


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